You are central to everything we do

At Sagana Biriq, your needs determine the range of expertise we provide

Our approach to clients

Our clients are central to everything we do. Your needs determine how we organize ourselves and the range of expertise we provide. We work together with you to anticipate and deal successfully with legal and regulatory aspects of your objectives.

First Contact and Assignment to Partner

Every client receives a client care letter and is assigned to a partner principally responsible with the client business and markets.

Conflict of Interests Procedures

Our firm has in place procedures designed to avoid accepting engagements that can create a conflict of interest. During the first interview, we carry out internal conflict check to see whether the new client has interest adverse to any existing clients.

Client Confidentiality

At Sagana Biriq, confidentiality is core and central to our practice. It is and remains our policy, save for the limited statutory exceptions, to keep all information about the personal and business affairs of our clients confidential.

Client Satisfaction

We instill in our lawyers a culture of openness, approachability and professionalism that will ensure that our practice maintains highest professional standards that build enduring relationships with our clients.

We work with our clients in a practical way with a view to achieving commercial solutions rather than just providing the correct legal advice. We do this through assessment and consultation, comprehensive research and investigation, strategic planning and understanding the client’s needs.

File Review and Newsletter

We review our clients’ matters, from time to time as reasonably required and advise clients of any changes in the law, circumstances or risk which affect the outcome of their matters.

The firm also provides its clients, without charge, regular client ‘Newsletter’ of advice on legal issues including changes in statutory and regulatory provisions that are relevant to their business.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The firm and its individual partners support several community charities, projects and provide pro bono advice and representation in deserving matters. We are honorary legal advisers to among others , Education Trust and Children Rights Bodies.

Fees and Billing

The firm uses either The Advocates Remuneration Order, Periodic Retainer or hourly billing. We are flexible in our fee structure and provide accurate and detailed billing in all matters.

Keeping In Touch

In providing services to our clients, we endeavor to keeping our clients regularly informed of their matter’s progress by email, letters, fax or telephone calls. We see to it that we give appointments without any undue delay and advise clients of the likely timescale involved.







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